Recap from the October 29 Open House

Missed the Mt. Airy 2025 Open House on October 29? Although we sadly don’t have any of Little Jimmie’s delicious treats left over, below you’ll find the info that was shared and the feedback boards that were posted during the event. (Click on each board to view full-size.) We wholeheartedly encourage you to respond to these feedback boards in the comments below! Tell us which new businesses you’d like to see open in Mt. Airy, which areas of our neighborhood warrant special attention, and any other ideas you have for our community. Your input matters and the feedback we receive will help guide Mt. Airy’s growth over the next 10 years. Questions on anything you see below? E-mail Abby Thaker at We are also still in need of volunteers to help us reach more neighbors– please contact us for more details!

1 thought on “Recap from the October 29 Open House

  1. shaakira

    I hope their will be education on youth with disabilities. My neighbors called the police on my ten-year-old son with autism because he knocked down a flower pot with his bike. They never apologized when his disability was reveiled. The police department was disgusted at how terrible they treated my family. I thought Mt Airy would be an uplifting neighborhood, and I felt we could have contributed a lot. After a year of living here, I’m counting down to move to a more positive, accepting community.



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