Welcome to the “Ideas” page!

We hope that this online forum will give you and other Mt. Airy residents a space to interact with each other and share your ideas to strengthen Mt. Airy.  Simply post your thoughts by typing them directly into the comment box at the bottom of this page.

We’d like to start the discussion with two open-ended questions:

· What do you like the most about Mt. Airy?
· What are some issues in Mt. Airy that we need to address?

7 thoughts on “Ideas

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  2. Sarajane Blair

    Some of the fabulous ideas we received during Street Fare last week:

    “A Greenhouse”
    “More Parks!”
    “A Theater showing independent films”
    “A Hookah Lounge”

    Add to our growing list! Be sure to check out #mtairy2025 on Facebook and Twitter to see more “Big Ideas” from Street Fare!


  3. Jenna

    I would like to see a clean-up effort in Mount Airy Park. And, to add a fenced in dog park. Mt. Airy is such a dog-friendly area, but is missing a safe dog park.


  4. Shaun


    I love all the trees, houses, and diversity in Mt. Airy.

    Ideas for improvement:

    – More bike lanes
    – More free “little libraries” built within neighborhoods
    – More street lights (or brighter) in crime heavy areas
    – More independent businesses. In addition, some kind of Go Mt Airy coupon book or card that attracts potential customers
    – More murals/ beautifying eye sores (example: a painting on big electrical boxes – see Ithaca, NY.
    – Street Art (Mount Airy Village is a perfect spot to start) please see Portland, Oregon
    – Community Gardens
    – More trash cans/ recyclable bins throughout town
    – More playgrounds with street lights for night play. Playgrounds that have fenced walls so toddlers don’t constantly roam into woods (see local malls)
    – A fountain/ spray area for children to get wet and play during summer
    – A small outdoor skating rink
    – Food trucks for Finally Fridays
    – More color. A new yellow fence. Paint the traffic lights something bold. Rethink the ordinary.
    – A left turning lane painted where Cresheim Valley Drive and Germantown Ave meet. So many people veer into wrong lane or have no idea because it’s not painted on road. Only locals seem to know. Dangerous!
    – Unite East and West Mount Airy. The same thought needs to be given to neighborhoods with low property values.


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  7. Folami Islam

    I like that Mt. Airy has a town sort of feel. I like that there is a lot of green space and people are not necessarily on top of each other. I like that we appreciate and support small businesses, we are culturally diverse and family oriented

    We need more businesses in the area. Activities and places that cater to the young adults and singles ages 25-45. Examples include karaoke We need to preserve our historic areas and keep them public (i.e. Upsala), but utilize them in a way that keeps up with the times. I started the Movie nights at Lovett Library but would like to see expanded on the New Covenant Campus. I would like for our civic groups ( EMAN, WMAN, Mt. Airy USA and the like) to create a standard for what’s acceptable in our neighborhood and not let outside, big development dictate how we live.



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